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Manohar Lohar I am an operative of Miclandts, I have been watching Bone and Mother of Pearl Inlay Artisans since childhood and have lived with the artisans and grew up and then I thought that this work should be taken forward and then I started working in the name of Miclandts and I am Bone and Mother of Pearl Inlay Furniture The furniture that we make by making new ways and new designs is reaching today in pooled world like America England UAE & Singapore our furniture People are getting the results and they are buying it in large quantities, today we have a team of 200 artisans who make it in furniture We are engaged in making new new designs, today we are connected with Interior Designer Decorator Hotels Motels & Home We are giving them the best furniture and we can tell you that you can change the design size and color in the furniture according to your own We hope you would like to buy our products.

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